Saturday 30 January 2016

9 REALLY Useful Writing Tips

1. If possible, write on something that is NOT connected to the internet. That way you aren't tempted to check Facebook/Twitter every 5 minutes.

2. If you are writing on an internet-free laptop, make sure it isn't in the same room as the internet connected one (see 1).

3. If you can't accomplish 1 and 2 for physical/financial reasons, try to allocate yourself specific times of the day to Tweet/update your Facebook. Do not weaken.

4. Unless specific, dickering about on Google is not research.

5. Checking your Amazon rating and sales figures every two days is liable to lead to suicidal feelings.

6. Reading the 'I wrote a whole novel today - go me!' claims of other writers on Facebook

7. There is no such thing as 'Writer's Block', it is just a posh excuse for not writing.

8. The only way to write a book is to write a book.

9. If you are not constantly awash with doubt/fear/insecurity/self-loathing/envy/anxiety/panic, you probably aren't a writer.


  1. Love it! I must say though, I've never "dickered", I've done plenty, but never that. It's a new one to me, but I love that too!

  2. Great advice Carol - all very true!

  3. For 1 and/or 2 there exists a software who blocks anything that you haven't specifically 'white listed' (= allowed). With the appropriate name coldturkey. And it's free

  4. Oh heck, a reminder of what I've got to look forward to when I get home!

  5. So true,even if you are just writing up reports or planning a project. So called power of the Internet! Be warned if you commission an academic to undertake research their first port of call is Wikipedia!

  6. Brilliant! My new favourite saying is now, 'dickering around on Google' haha ;)

  7. Great tips, I play on my tablet, and write on my laptop.
    You need to be disciplined though.

  8. I love the first few, Carol. Im guilty as charged...terrible...

  9. All true. But can I be awash with laziness and still be a writer?

    1. well, you can, but you won't actually get anything ''written ''

  10. Ah brilliant - especially the use of the word 'dickering'!

  11. Going on the Internet is the worst thing for wasting writing time.

  12. Great tips. I do most but a great and timely reminder.


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