Monday, 28 March 2016

Egg Hunting (Adventures of L-Plate Gran)

For the last week Little G has been focused on Easter. Sadly, the religious significance of the death of Christ, the empty tomb and the Resurrection has proved to be a tad outside her mental remit. I have explained some of it - because, like Christmas, I do think that she needs to know what we are celebrating and 'indoctrination' cuts both ways.

She has however, managed to grasp that chocolate is involved in the celebrations and that there will be an Easter Egg Hunt after her lunch here on Easter Sunday. This is a definite step-up on last year, when both religious significance and chocolate related activities passed her by completely.

In the interest of keeping onside with You must be mad, who has an ambivalent attitude to stuffing Little G with chocolate - forgetting her own joyous Easter binges, I have confined the hunt to three small Lindt bunnies, one large Lindt bunny and a chocolate ladybird of strange and terrifying proportions.

A pink tin bucket has been bought from a local charity shop. If the weather is fine, we will be hunting in the garden, if not, we will confine our search to the house. I am currently getting throwbacks to my own childhood, when we also had an egg hunt every Easter. My parents could never remember how many eggs they'd hidden, so we used to find them in odd places for weeks after the event. Good thing I have a little list ...

To be continued ...   ....


  1. So funny! How many would you have hidden if you'd been allowed free rein!? What I remember is decorating hard boiled eggs and rolling them down the nearest slope. Grandparents taught us what it meant.

  2. I do hope the weather was kind - all eggs would have been pulverised by hail here!

  3. Does the list mean: a) you're wise enough by now or b) you realize that with age the memory starts to deteriorate ? At CH Abbey no kids and cats don't go egg hunting ;-) Chocolate reduced to one small bunny for two (HELL)

  4. I am enjoying the image of Little G and L Plate Gran hunting eggs and collecting them in the pink tin bucket. Lovely! This morning I was talking to a student who told me she qnd her uncle in Germany hid 60 eggs for the family treasure hunt, but they at the end, they'd only found 58. Either someone had sneakily munched a couple and didn't own uo or they need a sniffer dog!

  5. My kids (13, 15 and 17) got very stroppy when Grandad said they were too old for Easter egg hunts - they were so traumatised by lack of clues and tightly wrapped chocolate treats that my dad had to throw together an impromptu hunt before they started a teen riot. You'll be doing this for many years to come haha.

  6. Yes, I do find they grasp the concept of chocolate involvement quicker than any other concepts at all times! Hope she enjoyed her hunt!


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