Monday 14 March 2016

Busted! (Adventures of L-Plate Gran)

Little G is not one of nature's sharers when it comes to her snacks, treats or toys. The number of times I've asked her for a bite of something, to be told : 'No, MY croissant.' Annoyingly though, she is brilliant at sharing stuff you'd rather she didn't.

I discovered this the first time I 'encouraged' her to finish her lunch at Wagamama (where we go every Wednesday) by offering a small chocolate penny as a reward. One super-clean plate and one spread-all-over-the-face reward later, we were on our way back when You must be mad phoned for an update.

Given her strict instructions NOT to give Little G sweet stuff, it was a tad awkward to have my carefully edited report of our day so far backgrounded by ecstatic cries of 'I had a chocolate penny!'  L-Plate Grandad is currently helping me mind her in between jobs, and last Wednesday, he was caught out in exactly the same way.

After visiting the swings together, he and Little G went to a local cafe. He had a coffee and she had a babyccino, which she adores. At least, that's what he told me they both had. Going back to her house in the car however, a slightly different version of events emerged.

I was running through Little G's day with her, as we always do in preparation for You must be mad's return. 'You went to the swings, and then you had a babyccino with Grandad, didn't you?' I said. 'And a chocolate brownie!' the little blabbermouth announced gleefully.

I caught L-Plate Grandad's eye in the driving mirror. He had the decency to look slightly ashamed. 'Believe me, you won't get away with that,' I said.
And believe me, he didn't.

To be continued ...    ......


  1. Lovely....oh yes! Devastating truth. Trying to ask cildren to keep a secret is like tring to keep water in a sieve. The stuff you don't want always leaks out. I love it that L-plate grandad is also involved now!

    1. He enjoys it..though she runs rings round him.

  2. Grandparents are pre-programmed to give their grandchildren forbidden treats. That' s what we are here for.....

  3. So funny! Y'all are great grandparents no matter the cost!

  4. I put a witty comment on this earlier, but the internet seems to have eaten it. Can't remember what I said - but have been looking after a granddaughter!

  5. Priceless, Carol, simply priceless...


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