Saturday 22 August 2015

The PINK SOFA meets Nancy Jardine, writer

Stretching the category boundaries

Nancy Jardine is one of the lovely Crooked Cat Publishing writers I have got to know since CC started publishing me. Nancy has a new book out: Take me now so of course, the sofa, a bibliophile par excellence, and I wanted to know all about it.
Over to you, Nancy:

''Hello, Carol- thanks for inviting me here today. It’s always great to hop over to see you and share details of my latest novel Take Me Now, published by Crooked Cat Publishing, a publisher with whom you’re very familiar.

Crooked Cat has now published six of my novels, the latest launch at the beginning of June 2015 having been for Take Me Now, a contemporary mystery. If a wider categorisation is used, it should read a ‘humorous contemporary corporate-sabotage romantic mystery’.  That’s a massive mouthful and the permutations of word order are numerous. When describing Take Me Now I’ve called it all of those aspects, though not necessarily all at the same time. As far as I’m aware there’s no classification on a site like Amazon for ‘corporate- sabotage’ mysteries but that’s essentially what the story is about.

When I wrote the novel, I had a few aims in mind. I wanted to write a contemporary novel as a break from writing my historical novels. I wanted to inject some humour into the situation and make my Scottish highland hero Nairn Malcolm an untypical one. In normal circumstances, Nairn would fit the stereotypical brawny claymore-wielding warrior image but at the beginning of Take Me Now, he’s a temporarily damaged alpha male—damaged as a result of a mysterious motorbike accident. The corporate sabotage aspect of the mystery is that Nairn’s adventure sports business is also being attacked by the unknown saboteur. I also wanted to seize the opportunity and write about some fabulous world wide locations which Nairn visits, something I can’t do when writing my historical novels.

And the romantic aspect? Nairn needs help to get himself around the world to keep business ticking over and to find that saboteur. Aela Cameron, a lovely lass from Vancouver Canada, is the perfect person to get Nairn on the go and to help him find the person doing the dastardly deeds. Nothing much fazes Aela: she takes everything in her stride including her somewhat battered temporary boss. 

I’m so pleased that Crooked Cat choose to publish novels that don’t fit the typical categories because I really enjoyed writing Take Me Now.''

Buy from Amazon UK US . It’s also available from Smashwords; Barnes and Noble;; and other ebook stores.

Nancy Jardine writes: historical romantic adventures (Celtic Fervour Series); contemporary mystery thrillers (Take Me Now, Monogamy Twist, Topaz Eyes-finalist for THE PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE 2014); & time-travel historical adventures for Teen/ YA readers (Rubidium Time -Travel Series –Book 1 The Taexali Game).

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  1. ...LUV the fact you wrote what you wanted to write, Nancy, and to hell with JONGGR nonsense! cheers :)

    Thanks for the interview, m’lady, Carol :)

    1. Hi, Seumas. Thanks for popping in. I write what comes naturally to me. ;-)

  2. This book sounds great. I love a good mystery. Best wishes, Nancy.

    1. Hello, Diane. Thank you for following this tour trail! I'll see you soon on my blog again.

  3. Good luck with this one Nancy. And well done for writing a novel in a different genre. What do you prefer writing historical or contemporary?

    1. Hi Susan. Great question. I love everything historical so that's probably my first love in writing, yet the satisfaction is entirely different when writing a contemporary. So far, I've written 3 historicals and 3 contemporary mysteries. My 7th published novel is a time travel for Middle Grade /YA so that was me cheating since I loved the combination of contemporary characters who travelled back to a Roman Britain context. I'm going to really enjoy their next adventure which is in Victorian times- though I'm also writing a 4th Celtic Fervour series historical...Hmmm maybe that's your answer? ;-)


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