Monday 8 February 2016

Timesheets (Adventures of L-Plate Gran)

Every day, Little G's nursery gives You must be mad a written summary of what she has been up to during her day. This is my version.

Name:   L-Plate Gran                                     Date: 4th Feb 2016

Breakfast: Banana

Amount Eaten: All, though at high speed as late leaving house due to earlier eyeliner mishap.

Lunch: Ginger chicken udon at Wagamama.

Amount eaten:  Not much. Most of chicken filched off plate by Little G. Noodles ditto.           Allowed to eat the bamboo shoots as she doesn't like them.

Tea: Peanut butter toast.

Amount eaten: Leftover crust after Little G gobbled it all.

I need more: Food, drink, sleep, energy, time management skills, hand:eye coordination first thing in the morning.

Today I have enjoyed: Laughs, smiles, cuddles, kisses, songs, rhymes, chats, walks, dancing in the kitchen, reading books, silly jokes & watching Clangers together on the sofa.

To be continued ...    .....


  1. You have tasted the food of life.

  2. no dramas, you had a god day then...

  3. Swallowed the best bits, love, laughter, cuddles and smiles are more payment than most get. 😇

    1. True..and there is always prosecco at the end of the day!!

  4. Sounds familiar. The only way to get much to eat is to have stuff she doesn't like! But they payoff is worth every lost mouthful.

  5. Sounds like a good day. I have my two coming for the week end . We're making Easter bonnets.


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