Thursday 2 August 2012

Sue Moorcroft is my guest

Sue Moorcrof: A  pensive moment
Sue Moorcroft is somewhat of a polymath (no, not a mathematical parrot!) She is a writer of short stories, a novelist, a teacher of creative writing and article writer. She also writes a regular Formula 1 column and is judge for Writers' Forum. Sue is a Katie Fforde Bursary Award winner. 

She is also a really good self-publicist, which is no bad thing. Hearing that I was offering guest blogs to other writers, Sue seized the opportunity of a lifetime to favour us all with her witty observations on life. Her blog is entitled: Ten ways to cheer me up.
Take it away, Sue:

1. Ask for a multitude of copy documents. Insist you haven't received them and ask for them again. Then ring back and say you have them all - hooray! You don't even have to apologise. If you have them, I forgive you.

2. Arrive to fit my carpets, on time and with everything you need. Make a lovely job of it. Don't mark my walls.

One drink good; two drinks better
3. When I advise you of my holiday dates, hold back all the work you have for me so I have the illusion of being able to relax whilst I'm away.

4. Reply to my emails, especially anxious ones, promptly - even if you're trying to take six weeks off over the summer.

5. If you're a weather forecaster, tell me that the sun is coming. Be right.

6. If I save up for something special, ensure that it works when I get it home.

7. tell me that you have read all of my books and you didn't buy them second-hand.

8. Tell me you enjoyed my books and are buying them for all your friends for every birthday and Christmas,. (or that you've mentioned them to your movie producer friend and he wants to make them into films. That's good too.)

9. Bring a bottle of ice-cold pinot grigio and tell me funny stories in the sunshine when we drink it.

10. Love my favourite authors as much as I do.

Sue can be found at She blogs at Friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


  1. I like the one about replying promptly to e-mails. We've all been in that horrid situation where you're desperate for a reply and can't sort anything else until you've got one. Two minutes of someone's time, job done! I know Sue replies very quickly, she certainly did to my requests for papers to do with the new RNA anthology - don't know how she does it with all that she's got going on! Great blog post Carol and Sue!

  2. Well, they would all make me happy too. :)

  3. Fab post Carol, thanks. Made me smile :)

    Nikki x

  4. Well done, Sue and Carol - I can really relate to this post! Am currently in email overload, so would probably add 'lose all contact with internet for 24 hours' - then at least I wouldn't feel guilt-ridden. For a day, anyway.

  5. Wonderful post, Carol and Sue! Those things would all make me very happy, too.

  6. I think the wine would cheer me up too!

    I have read all your Choc Lit books... and I bought them! Uphill All The Way, which you gave me as a gift at the RNA conference last year, and I'm so grateful, is next on my to-read pile. Does this make you happy, Sue? lol!

    Oh, and so far, I haven't found a hero to beat Ratty :D

    1. Both of those things make me happy, Teresa, thank you x

  7. LOL, that is a funny post. I love 7, 8, 9 and 10

    1. Thanks Ednah (GREAT name) I see you've got here on the wings of Google. Believe me, I'm amazed. I click on things without having a CLUE what I'm doing. Feel free to stick around and comment. Tomorrow (WED) the Ebook saga reaches its zenith!


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