Saturday 1 September 2012

My Lovely Blog Award

A Lovely Award for My Blog

Thank you to Juliet Greenwood author of 'Eden's Garden' for nominating me for this lovely blog award.

The Rules for this Award  are as follows: 

1.Thank the person nominating you for the award:

Once again, many thanks to Juliet for not only nominating this very 'young' blog, but also for being a warm, supportive, helpful and encouraging writer-friend on my journey. Check out Juliet's books, and her exquisitely beautiful author site at: http://Juliet It is like walking into the cool green countryside.

2. List TEN things about yourself:


3. Nominate SIX blogs that you think deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award

The Grand Canal

1. My favourite place in the world is Venice

Magnus, my Roman Snail

2. I belong to the Conchological Society of Great Britain: my area of expertise is Helix Pomatia (Roman Snails). I have 2 in my garden.

Don't do this at home!

3. In February, at the age of 61, I had my first tattoo: I have the words: Be not afeard  on the inside of my right arm. These words are spoken by Caliban in 'The Tempest'. I had the tattoo done 'live' on air on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme as part of their 'Leap for Leap Year' listener project.

4. All my father's family, except for one brother, perished in the Holocaust.

5. My pink 1988 customized Citroen car is called Annie-Rose. I am a member of 2CVGB. I show Annie-Rose at car meets.

6. In 1966, age 16, I helped organise an anti Vietnam War demonstration in my home town. As a result, I was on the American Embassy blacklist for many years.

A sunbathing flute

7. I play the flute, rather badly. I failed my Grade 8 flute exam by 1 mark!

8. I have an allotment in my back garden. I grow lots of Charlotte potatoes.

Yummy Charlottes

9. When I was 47, I went back to university and re-trained as a secondary school English teacher. I was the oldest student in my cohort.

10. In my spare time (!) I  make patchwork
A Sampler quilt


My 6 nominees for their amazing, creative, inspirational blogs are:

Nikki Goodman:

Cara Cooper:

Chris Hill:

Sheryl Browne:

Mandy K James:

Kate Hardy:


  1. Well done Carol - richly deserved! and thanks so much for nominating me too - your ten things about yourself are a fascinating.

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination Carol and well done on your fabulous award. Was fascinated by the snails, we live near Surrey downland and there are always signs up telling us there are Roman snails which are protected. They are massive and quite extraordinary. Congratulations on your blog.

    1. Glad you have snails too - they are VERY protected. Sadly, our local Council wants to dig 'em up and build on their homes!

  3. Congrats on the award, Carol! I love the quilt.

    1. Thanks. I made one for my daughter as a wedding present. I believe the correct amount a girl should have in her 'hope chest' is 12. Your daughter had better start sewing!

  4. A well-deserved award nomination, Carol! And I found out some things I never knew about you ...

  5. Congrats on the award! I love Venice, too.

  6. With writing and resisting cake, it's hard to imagine you have time to sew. Congrats on your award.

  7. Wow! Some interesting facts! Congrats on the award. I have never been to Venice, but would love to go.

    Are your snails safe in the garden...? From birds etc?

  8. Venice is my favourite place too but I'm quite squidgy about snails and tattooing. You're very brave! Sorry to hear about your family. I have a number of friends in Leicester who lost everyone. Thankfully my family escaped from Latvia and Poland before it was too late. Oh yes, and I play the piano badly!

  9. You are an inspirational person! A tattoo at 61!! (I was 40) and retraining at 47 to be a secondary school teacher. That was bloody hard!! Well done and keep on being an amazing! x

    1. As long as there's gin and cake, I will try. Promise.


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