Saturday 12 May 2012

Nothing was created in 7 days

To London yesterday evening to celebrate Talented Daughter's recent engagement at a wine bar in Great Smithfield Street. Passing under the Smithfield arches, I recalled how in Victorian times, they ran live sheep and cattle through the city to be slaughtered in the market. The poor terrified beasts used to be pelted with stones and hit with sticks by passers-by. It was an incredibly cruel way to deal with animals; fortunately the authorities banned it in the late 1850's

 It is now a week since I posted my first blog, which is meant to be, amongst other things, a record of How I published my e-book. So what has been achieved over the past seven days. As Paul Daniels might say: 'not a lot'. Designer Dave currently on club rugby tour of France. Suspect will be in no fit state to discuss cover on return.  Still not sorted new phone, so unable to build up thousands of potential readers through tweets. Blog needs, I am told, far more work on links to other sites etc. Haven't got a clue how to do this, as am basically the non-techie's non-techie. Beloved Husband unable to assist. Similar skill level.

However on the plus side, I have downloaded and printed out 4 pages of how to turn one's manuscript into an e-book format, which I have gone through with highlighters, so that it now looks very bright and colourful, although I can't make head nor tail of what I'm supposed to be doing, as most of it is written in expert-speak. Strange, as my writing magazine is currently crammed with articles from 'ordinary' writers proclaiming how little expertise they had, but how easily they uploaded their books on to Amazon. But I am, and will remain a devout believer in the gospel of Wilkins Micawber. Something will turn up. Eventually.

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