Wednesday 31 July 2019

The Brexit Endgame: 3 Useful Tips

As the frenetic pace of 'Leaving the EU' increases on all sides, it behoves us all to take a step back and consider how we can best use our time and precious resources to maximum effect.

Little profit comes from shouting the odds and arguing on Twitter or Facebook ~ other than stressing ourselves out and becoming discouraged. There are other things we should and could be doing at this stage. Here are a few things I am doing. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section.

1. LOBBY a Democratic US Congress person.  Link:

Boris Johnson is desperate to sign a trade deal with the US, regardless of the threat to our food, NHS, environment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) has clearly and categorically stated that Congress will pass NO DEAL if the Good Friday Agreement is put in jeopardy. There is a huge Irish lobby in Washington. So tweet a Senator.. ESPECIALLY if you have Irish blood in your veins!

2. Contact one of the 'REMAIN' MPs  Link:

Dominic Grieve, Phillip Lee, Anna Soubry, David Gauke, Rory Stewart ...I'm sure you have your own favourites list. Encourage them to speak out and vote against the Rightwing Extremists currently in Cabinet. Thank them for being 'tall poppies'. If you have a personal story of how a 'no deal Brexit' will affect you/your family, share it.

Bear in mind these MPs are being targetted daily and in very unpleasant ways by the ultra Brexiteers. It is good to remind them that we support them. While you are about it, make sure your own MP is aware of your views.

3. Write to your local paper/national paper 

This is an effective way of reaching a different audience. It costs nothing, and ALL MPs always check their local paper to see what is being written about them. National papers usually have letter sections, and many invite comments 'below the line' of articles. Register, log in and add your comments. I regularly post comments as 'Sagababe' in the Guardian.

I assume you are already a member of your local Town/City/County 4 Europe group, always appear in public badged and armed with a roll of stickers and that you have pro EU posters in your front window. Excellent. Then, apart from continuous prayers to the deity of your choice, you are doing a great job!


  1. My Tory MP tends to sit with a bag on his head, for all the good he does. But when numbers are tight and every vote matters - then I’ve decided to write, and often. He’s managed to commit himself to being strongly against ‘no deal’ and so I’ve presumed (in my last letter) this means he will put country before party in order to prevent us crashing out. No reply yet - but this is a remain constituency and he can’t take anything for granted.

    1. same here, Jo ...and we are campaigning strongly ot alert people to our MP ...who is a pole climber!

  2. Just read your interview in the Belgian Zeno(part of the socialist De Morgen), Carol. All my respect to you and other Europeans there in the UK who use your weight( so, stop resisting cake ;-). Here, we feel quite helpless on the other side of the channel: Could we vote as well, there would not have been such a waste of energy for three years. Let us hope this 'think-process' of the last years will teach us more in the future... Keep up the good work, Carol!


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