Monday, 6 July 2015

Being Cool (Adventures of L-Plate Gran)

We are in the midst of a heatwave. Day after day of shiny sun and blue skies. Sadly, Little G and I belong to that worrying category: the elderly and the very young (in reverse order) and the government has issued guidelines for our health & safety.

We are supposed to stay out of the sun from 12 - 3 and keep cool. With this latter aspect in mind, I purchase a paddling pool for Little G. It is shaped like a pirate ship, with a skull and crossbones flag, a canopy (see previous post about the non-wearing of sunhats) and stick on inflatable fish. 

We go over to You must be mad's house after Little G is in bed and blow up the pool, placing it on the balcony as the ''garden'' is a work in progress. We fill it with water. Next morning as an afterthought, I fill the washing up bowl and place it next to the wonderful pool, for sub-baling operations.

As soon as she is up, I take Little G out, strip her off and show her the pool. She spends some time crawling round it murmuring oooh. She un-velcroes the various sea creatures. She takes all the pouring toys out and arranges them in lines. She does not get in.

I realise she hasn't got the idea, so I strip as far as modesty will permit and with some difficulty I fold myself into the pool to show her what she should be doing. Little G regards me thoughtfully. Then she climbs into the washing up bowl.

I am reminded yet again that life is both infinitely more complex, and yet very simple at the same time. But at least we are both cool.

To be continued ...    ...


  1. Oh, Carol...the imagery this little ramble conjures up will keep me going for days lol ... Fabulous ;)

  2. Whst ... no photo of you in your undies squashed into the pool ...??

    1. Oh please..I don't want to get banned from social media for obscenity!

  3. I can imagine you both made quite a picture...wonderful...I am loving following this blog - hahaha!

    1. Thanks Georgia.....I enjoy writing them! She will kill me when she's a teenager

  4. Fabulous story, Carol.

    pssssst: you are not in the 'elderly' category quite yet. I reckon we should base our scale on the Queen - 89 and still going strong.

    Next time you venture into the paddling pool with Little G, do take photos :)

    Have a great rest of the week.


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