Sunday 24 June 2012

Objets d'amour

Everybody (and especially, I think, writers) has special objects on their
desks/workspaces. Objects that have sentimental value,or are just interesting to look at or pick up. Objects that allow you endless opportunities to spend time rearranging them before starting work. On this last - I find I cannot start work unless everything is straightened, or placed just so. (Sad writer with OCD alert!)

These are the things that I currently have on my desk - apart from computer/ notes/postits/empty coffee cups and the usual detritus*:
A rainbow coloured Murano glass pot that holds pens and pencils and my memory stick - a present from Beloved Husband bought on one of his Venetian jaunts.                                                     

 A knitted pink and white cupcake.

 2 tiny black and white Littala glass birds. Nice to pick up and hold.

A bigger Littala glass duck - lots of lovely green colours when the sun catches its sides.

A very small heavy metal circular gear wheel thingy from something mechanical, possibly a bike. It has spokes and can be moved round. See small glass birds for function.

 A paperweight in the shape of an ampersand.

A stone with an ammonite in it - found on a beach somewhere.

 A red beanbag lobster called Thermidor.

*Sometimes I have a cat too, but not as a permanent fixture.

Random research ctd: I have just had to find out what the popular lads mags were in 1999 (Jigsaw re-write).


  1. I now have a lovely image of the things on your writing desk! Is the knitted cupcake a substitute for the edible kind, to help you resist?
    My writing desk is surrounded by cartoons of Jane Austen characters and there's a little ceramic pot of violets that reminds me of my heroine's eyes in Persuade Me, plus lots of family/romance memorabilia.

  2. Exactly what I'd expect! I wonder what Jane Austen had on her desk?

  3. Not much, I expect - have you seen the size of it? (As Queen Vic might say!)


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